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Post by Georgiana on Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:52 am

1. DO NOT ask for PAY, ROOM RIGHTS or PROMOTIONS. These will be given to those who work hard.
2. DO NOT SELF PROMOTE or DOUBLE JOB. This will lead to firing.
3. DO NOT use COLOURED CHAT in HQ, Coloured chat is given to those of foundation ranks.
4. DO NOT use EFFECTS in HQ. Effects are known as a raid so all that enter HQ using effects will be kicked. If you're an employee you will get warnings.
5. DO NOT AFK or BRB in FTF & FTS. Make sure you FTB if needed.
6. REFER to all who are in FOUNDATION as MA'AM and SIR.
7. ALWAYS wear the CORRECT UNIFORM that is provided on the mannequins in HQ. Foundation can have free dress.
8. DANCING is FORBIDDEN in HQ. If you begin to dance you will automatically be kicked by a foundation.
9. WORKERS MUST always speak ENGLISH while in HQ. Whispering a different language is allowed. ‚Äč
10. ALL ranks under foundation MUST wear their uniform while in base.


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